June 28, 2020

Campbell McLeod


First off a thank you to Mike Cann and Mike Sinclair who set and recorded the coordinates for the buoys.

Mike ( the equalizer) Cann has adjusted our handicaps for the start of the year. He has provided a paragraph below outlining his method. Thanks to Mike for setting the stage for what I feel will be a competitive year for all.

I had announced that we would have a non-contact thermometer to take forehead temperatures. On second thought with so many symptoms or not identifying the virus we have decided to forgo the thermometer.
Also unfortunately but we have done just fine without one, there will not be a race committee. You can take a Kiwi to water but you cant keep him off a sailboat. Mike Sinclair our proposed race committee will be on-board Legato Tuesday evening.

Our first race is Tuesday evening 6/30 at 6 PM. We have set the Timber Shores, Gull Island and Marina Start/Finish buoys. Below are the GPS coordinates (remember buoys can move due to wind and wave action).

Standard Sutton Series (Tuesday) buoys (4.65 NM) (unless modified by radio (Channel 72) before the start).
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’
Timber Shores: N45O 06.051’ – W085O 35.438’
Red Nun #6: N45O 07.681’ – W085O 35.165’
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’

Short East/West Course Sutton Series (Tuesday) buoys (2.1 NM)
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’
Red Nun #6: N45O 07.681’ – W085O 35.165’
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’

Medium East/West Course Sutton Series (Tuesday) buoys (3.7 NM)
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’
Red Nun #4: N45O 07.748’ – W085O 33.981’
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’

Long East/West Course Sutton Series (Tuesday) buoys (4.8 NM)
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’
Red Bell #2: N45O 07.741’ – W085O 33.205’
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’

Standard Applebee(Saturday) buoys (7.5NM) (unless modified by radio (Channel 72) before the start).  East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’
Gull Island South: N45O 05.537’ – W085O 34.059’
Red Bell Buoy #2: N45O 07.741’ – W085O 33.205’
East Start/Finish Buoy: N45O 07.689’ – W085O 36.623’

Please let me know by text (415-308-3418) your finishing time in hours/minutes/seconds and if you flew your spinnaker or spinner like sail as soon as possible after you finish.

A note on handicapping. We have adjusted everyone’s handicaps by 50% of 2019 “Golf Adjustment” formula to your 2020 handicap (this means your handicap to start 2020 will increase/decrease your handicap by 50% of the total 2019 “Golf Adjustment”). There are separate handicaps for the Applebee and Sutton series. If you raced 3 or more Sutton series races your “Golf Adjustment” is based on the cumulative total for the Sutton races. If you didn’t finish 3 Sutton races your Applebee handicaps (including “Golf Adjustments”) will be used. The Spinnaker adjustment for both series have been reduced by 50%

If you haven’t already done so, please remit your annual racing fee and dues of $95 ($75 for season racing and $20 annual dues) which covers all races (you may choose to pay $15 per individual race in which you participate), or just your membership renewal of $20. Mail your checks to NBYC c/o Mike Cann, PO Box 365, Northport, MI 49670. Have only received 4 Race Fee payments to date.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mike if you have any questions or comments. See you all at the starting line. Mike’s # is (415-308-3418)

May the sailing season be safe and fun,

Campbell McLeod

Commodore 2020

June 11, 2020


This is a year like no other but be comforted Club dues are the same as last year.

Please remit your annual racing fee and dues of $95 ($75 for season racing and $20 annual dues) which covers all races (you may choose to pay $15 per individual race in which you participate), or just your membership renewal of $20. Mail your checks to NBYC c/o Mike Cann, PO Box 365, Northport, MI 49670

We will have a distinguished sharp-eyed Kiwi, the former Commodore Michael Sinclair taking a position at the start line to oversee the beginning of each race in 2020. Via an air horn he will alert sailors as we get closer to the start time and the start. He will also identify boats that cross the start early. More details to come on these two matters before the next race.

Mike will also be able to assess who will be awarded the best racing starts for 2020.

Lastly, we will purchase a high-quality forehead thermometer for club use before a race. More information on its location, cleaning and availability before the next race.

Although we are not scheduled to have any Club events at this time some of your dues will be used to support local charities. One new cause we spent $125 on was to sponsor a flower box in town. I will place a placard denoting our donation in the flower box.

I would like to hear ideas for actions we can support with our dues related to improving our marina or other good causes. I for one would like to have better navigational lighting for entering the Marina on a dark night. The poor visibility observed in early years may improve once the Village addresses the light pollution coming from the large lights near the parking lot. I know the Dark Sky Initiative is interested in achieving this end.

Best Regards,
Campbell McLeod

NBYC Commodore 2020

May 30, 2020


A survey was sent out asking for interest in sailing this year. Enough sailors were supportive so we plan to go ahead with our first Saturday Race ( Applebee Series) 04 July and the last race on 05 September 2020. The Sutton Olympic Series ( the Tuesday Race) will start 30 June and the last race on 01 September 2020. Both series will have ten races.

There are no social gatherings planned; however, if conditions change sufficiently there may be an end of season meeting with social distancing in September without food. The normal after race intake of refreshments will waiting race results will be adjusted for social distancing. Can the Mitten provide sufficient social distancing ? so perhaps the sailors hold a BYO in the area of the pavilion or limited it to drinking on your boat with your crew. TBD

As you know there is some uncertainty with the services that will be available at the Marina but that should be resolved before too long. As I understand it water and electricity are available now but I am not sure whether fuel and a pump out will be available. The boater’s bathroom should be open for all seasonal slip holders.

Sailors are practiced at adjusting to changing weather and sea conditions now we must take into account the presence of a virus. Each Skipper is as always responsible to the safety of his/her crew therefore develop whatever safe protocol you feel is necessary to address this new risk that is appropriate for your particular crew.
If it is no longer fun to sail under these new conditions I understand your decision to not sail.

We will continue to announce via email course direction before each race approximately one hour before the Start. However, if there are wind speed and wind direction changes since the announcement then based on more recent data ( radar etc) changes will be made to the originally announced course direction and Start time. We hope to be more proficient as forecasting Michigan weather ( that’s a joke).

Best Regards
Campbell McLeod
NBYC Commodore 2020

For most recent race results, click on the RACES tab above.

Our 2019 & 2020 Commodore is Campbell McLeod.

August 6, 2019


Due to the quality of the Pirates race article published in the paper, I feel that I should provide the club the version I sent to the paper.
It was the clubs Pirate race ( dress like a pirate win like a pirate) and afterward rum tasting to celebrate a day of sailing. There was a fresh breeze with gusts well over 20 knots. The race began with a tangle of four boats near the start line. Three of those boats caught a gust and shot across the start line at the exact start of the race. They were Puff captained by the salty kiwi Mike Sinclair, Paradox helmed by the physician Glenn Van Otteren and his children, and Pegasus captain by Bill Allen and family. The helmsman for Pegasus is Dick Allen and the sharp eyed 93 year old fighter pilot who once kept the enemy in his sights but now prefers them following him to the finish line.
These three boats also finished 1, 2 and 3 across the line and after corrected time was calculated, were awarded for their performance. Puff the J 24 was third, Pegasus the Catalina 320 was second the Paradox the J 92 first just minutes apart.

July 16, 2019

The following article was not published for several reasons. However, I thought you all might enjoy reading about your achievements so I am sending it out to the club. 

The Sutton’s Bay Series Race is conducted on Tuesdays at 6 PM. On July 09 another Sutton Bay race was held and once again won by Mr Wizard an Etchells 22. The skipper and crew have fine tuned, trimmed and steered her first across the finish line and first on corrected time. This was a day of varying wind conditions starting out in light air but the wind came up out of the NW after the first mark. Grin an Ericson 32 added by skilled Omaha sailors made an astute tactical decision and placed second while Calisto a Cape Dory 27 and always well trimmed took third. 

The Applebee Series Races are held on Saturdays at 1 PM. The July 6 race proved to be a closely fought one with the first three finishers only 4 seconds apart on corrected time. Pegasus a Catalina 320 finished first followed by Kristen B a Catalina 36 TM in second place and only one second later Paradox a J 92, crewed by the skippers young family. The attached photo taken by Bob Bayer show the start of this race. Outrageous and Calisto in front, Pegasus and Kristen B just rounded the start buoy and Puff and Paradox approaching the mark getting ready to tack. 
Three boats dueled for the lead in the July 13 Applebee race. The were the first three across the line and on corrected time the top three.  Pegasus was first then Paradox and in third place Kristen B on corrected time. 
Two big wins this month for Pegasus steered by a steady helmsmen who’s age does not slow him down. Congratulations skipper!  


June 9, 2019


Mike Cann had already presented a different approach for letting him know whether you are going to run a spinnaker or not for a race. I had stated in my email today that it was an opt-in if you were to run spinnaker and receive a different handicap; however, Mike Cann had earlier stated this option as easier for him to keep track of what PHRF to use for your boat.
“Each skipper will have the right to “opt out” of using his spinnaker for a given race (or for the whole season). If a skipper does not opt out of using the Base handicap (assumes you can/will use a spinnaker) for the season, he/she may opt out of any given race by texting Mike Cann (415-308-3418) BEFORE the race start time. This will apply to both Applebee and Sutton race series”.   
To put it more simply Mike will assume you will fly a spinnaker, so you have to tell him you are opting out.
I want to make Mike’s selecting the right handicap for your boat for that race as straight forward and simple as possible. 


June 9, 2019

Aloha, ahoy and g’day

The rain keeps coming and the lake keeps rising, fortunately we all have boats if matters turn biblical.
There are several changes to the race season this year. 
We have spinnaker PHRF ratings for your boat if you wish to fly one in a race. Spinnakers are permitted on Saturday races. Notification must be given to Mike Cann PRIOR  to the start of the race if you plan to use a spinnaker.
In the tally of points for trophy not directly related to racing, we have added one point for accomplishing a man overboard drill. No don’t throw him/her overboard and not during a race but perhaps after the race while you are still under sail throw a cushion overboard. Keep track of your time after the cushion goes over the side to how long it takes you to come about and to bring the cushion on board. I have added this exercise so the skipper and crew understand if someone does go over the side how long it would take before you can get them back on board. Report your elapsed cushion rescue time and the date you accomplished this task to Mike Cann to earn your point. 
Other points to be gained by not sailing well are for dressing up as a pirate, flags a flying and for patriots display. If the entire crew is dressed as buccaneers on 27 July than a point is earned, yes there hopefully will be multiple winners. Also a point will be earned for Stars and Stripes (patriot’s display) day 29 June and for flags a flying 06 July. No contest to earn a point, just a sufficient display for you personally, and you will have complied with the terms. Let Mike Cann know you earned a point. 
We have our first Tuesday night race on 18 June, the beginning of the Sutton’s Olympic Series. A 6 pm start is scheduled.
The Applebee Series Race begins 22 June at 1 pm. Our annual Steak out Dinner is also on 22 June starting at 5:30. This is the meal where Tom Kalper the Commodore d’Cuisine hosts a grill for you to cook your “steak”. You should also bring a dish to pass and something to drink. The dinner will be at the Pavilion. Volunteers will be needed prior to the race to claim the reserved Pavilion with picnic tables. Don’t forget to bring your check books on 22 June to pay your dues if still owed. 
Here is to a competitive and safe 2019 race season!
Campbell McLeod
Commodore 2019