Commodore’s Notes 2021

June 28, 2021

The Applebee series race #1 June 26th got off to a slow start. The race was postponed until Sunday. There was high hopes of winds as forecast. 6 boats started the race with somewhat building winds. Outrageous found steady wind in the middle of the Bay while the others slowly worked there way to the Gull Island mark. It wasn’t long before the faster boats broke free of the rest of the field, however by the time Outrageous, Pegasus and Paradox made it to the 1st mark the winds left the Bay. Sadly, the race was called as no boats would have been able to complete the race in the allotted time. 

Let hope for better winds next week!

Mike Finazzo

It’s partly cloudy with a 12 knots breeze on a beautiful summer Saturday, the fleet closely bunched on a run to the first mark. All was going perfectly well until Tamara shook me awake this morning. Just another winter’s dream of sailing. How many dreams of sailing do you have throughout the winter? They help me keep the sailing spirit. I enjoy our winters here, yet I enjoy our summer even more because of sailing.

It will not be long until we will begin pre-launch prep and splash into another season.

New Years greeting from your Commodore Mike Finazzo. I anxiously await spring even though it’s not certain what restrictions or freedoms there will be. I am planning as if we will have a full summer available to us. I also am prepared to adapt to conditions as they dictate. So, as last year, we need to be flexible and adjust as needed.

Here is what I hope is available to us.

  • A full race season on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Social potlucks: July 4th and Labor Day end of season.
  • I hope that the members who were not able to continue last year will rejoin this year.
  • Movie night, (John & Chris if you are still willing to do. I have access to a projector).
  • I’d like to invite the Cruisers in the group to share some of their journeys with the club some Saturday evening over snacks and beverages. So please let me know if you would be so kind to share with the Club.
  • I believe in past years, there were Club members at the start/finish helping with a safe and fair start as well as recording finish times. I know it would help me focus better. Those willing to be starters please let me know.
  • Mike Cann has agreed to invite the sailing school staff and graduates to crew during our races. I know Tamara and I will welcome the additional help. I hope you consider offering your boat as to them as well.
  • Last year, Campbell was interested in doing an overnight flotilla cruise to a port close by. Unfortunately, conditions made it impossible to do. I hope we can make it happen this year. I think this will create some interest with membership of the non-racers crowd.
  • I plan to reach out the sailors at the Marina that are not members and invite them to join.
  • With assistance, Mike Cann, tweaking the handicap system. I suspect we will never satisfy all racers, but the Club is doing its best to be most fair to all.

In closing, I wish to honor those who have led this Club throughout many years. Their leadership has kept our group together with unity and strong fellowship.

I hope that we can keep this tradition for many more years to come. Please feel free to help guide me as your Commodore for this coming season.

Remember “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”!

Mike Finazzo