Commodore’s Notes

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June 9, 2019


Mike Cann had already presented a different approach for letting him know whether you are going to run a spinnaker or not for a race. I had stated in my email today that it was an opt-in if you were to run spinnaker and receive a different handicap; however, Mike Cann had earlier stated this option as easier for him to keep track of what PHRF to use for your boat.
“Each skipper will have the right to “opt out” of using his spinnaker for a given race (or for the whole season). If a skipper does not opt out of using the Base handicap (assumes you can/will use a spinnaker) for the season, he/she may opt out of any given race by texting Mike Cann (415-308-3418) BEFORE the race start time. This will apply to both Applebee and Sutton race series”.   
To put it more simply Mike will assume you will fly a spinnaker, so you have to tell him you are opting out.
I want to make Mike’s selecting the right handicap for your boat for that race as straight forward and simple as possible. 


June 9, 2019

Aloha, ahoy and g’day

The rain keeps coming and the lake keeps rising, fortunately we all have boats if matters turn biblical.
There are several changes to the race season this year. 
We have spinnaker PHRF ratings for your boat if you wish to fly one in a race. Spinnakers are permitted on Saturday races. Notification must be given to Mike Cann PRIOR  to the start of the race if you plan to use a spinnaker.
In the tally of points for trophy not directly related to racing, we have added one point for accomplishing a man overboard drill. No don’t throw him/her overboard and not during a race but perhaps after the race while you are still under sail throw a cushion overboard. Keep track of your time after the cushion goes over the side to how long it takes you to come about and to bring the cushion on board. I have added this exercise so the skipper and crew understand if someone does go over the side how long it would take before you can get them back on board. Report your elapsed cushion rescue time and the date you accomplished this task to Mike Cann to earn your point. 
Other points to be gained by not sailing well are for dressing up as a pirate, flags a flying and for patriots display. If the entire crew is dressed as buccaneers on 27 July than a point is earned, yes there hopefully will be multiple winners. Also a point will be earned for Stars and Stripes (patriot’s display) day 29 June and for flags a flying 06 July. No contest to earn a point, just a sufficient display for you personally, and you will have complied with the terms. Let Mike Cann know you earned a point. 
We have our first Tuesday night race on 18 June, the beginning of the Sutton’s Olympic Series. A 6 pm start is scheduled.
The Applebee Series Race begins 22 June at 1 pm. Our annual Steak out Dinner is also on 22 June starting at 5:30. This is the meal where Tom Kalper the Commodore d’Cuisine hosts a grill for you to cook your “steak”. You should also bring a dish to pass and something to drink. The dinner will be at the Pavilion. Volunteers will be needed prior to the race to claim the reserved Pavilion with picnic tables. Don’t forget to bring your check books on 22 June to pay your dues if still owed. 
Here is to a competitive and safe 2019 race season!
Campbell McLeod
Commodore 2019